There’s something wrong with this picture

Can you see it? This is my To Do list for today, but it could very well be yesterday’s or tomorrow’s. It’s fairly representative, with the exception of “Call doctor” which swaps out with “Call dentist,” “Call plumber,” “Call Verizon,” and “Return client’s call” depending on the day.

The problem with this picture is that it is missing something very important. It’s missing “Write.”

For some reason, everything else comes first, even though nothing on this list is as important to me as my novel. Everything else is stuff that has to get done (with the exception of “Go to gym”-  that doesn’t have to get done, but since I’m training for a race in less than 40 days, I really do need to get my ass into the gym.)

I’m behind on my 90 Days goal. Very behind. And until I change my attitude and start looking at this novel as something that has to get done today (like the cleaning and the other errands), it’s never going to happen.

So here’s my wake-up call to myself:

Bryn, seriously. WAKE UP!! This is something you’ve wanted for a long time. You have all the ideas.  You know how it begins. You know how it’s going to end. You know everything that happens in between. You know your characters live and breathe and want to come alive. Don’t push it to the back burner. Clean the house tomorrow. Return the damn library books another day. So what if they’re overdue? Fees are good! Don’t look at them as penalties, look at them as generous donations by a dedicated patron (you) that will be put toward the future purchase price of your debut novel someday. Hey, it might happen… But it’ll never happen if you don’t finish this book.

Now get to work! And to keep you honest, you’re going to post updates on Twitter for the next 7 days until you are caught up on your 90 Days assignments. Now get to work!


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