On Memorial Day

Today is Memorial Day. It’s a day of cookouts, family get-togethers, and weekend sales. It’s a day off from school, from work, from the gym. It’s a day of insane traffic while everybody comes back from the beach. It’s a day to go to the newly-opened pools, have a beer, spend time with the kids, the neighbors, the family. A day to relax.

And throughout all of that, most importantly, it’s a day to reflect on the countless men and women who will never enjoy those things again because they selflessly gave their lives for this country. Continue reading “On Memorial Day”

In search of Harmony

Well, April and May were tough months for me. Shortly after I gave myself that pep talk to get back into daily writing, I succumbed to Yesman disease where I couldn’t say no to some friends with a business opportunity, overextended myself far beyond what is humanly possible, and neglected my family, my house, and my writing all for somebody else’s dream. In no time I was diverting all my efforts toward something I didn’t really care about. I became irritable, stressed, and unhappy. Thanks in part to my husband, I realized what was happening, swallowed a heavy dose of whatthefuckamidoing, and finally just said no. Continue reading “In search of Harmony”