In search of Harmony

Well, April and May were tough months for me. Shortly after I gave myself that pep talk to get back into daily writing, I succumbed to Yesman disease where I couldn’t say no to some friends with a business opportunity, overextended myself far beyond what is humanly possible, and neglected my family, my house, and my writing all for somebody else’s dream. In no time I was diverting all my efforts toward something I didn’t really care about. I became irritable, stressed, and unhappy. Thanks in part to my husband, I realized what was happening, swallowed a heavy dose of whatthefuckamidoing, and finally just said no.Now I’m back to devoting my free time to me, myself, and I. But I didn’t just move from one singular focus (my friend’s business venture) to another one (my novel.) Rather, I decided to make time for all the things I had neglected recently. Today I went to the gym, wrote for an hour, practiced the piano, tended to the garden, played with my kids, did some photography (you likey my keyboard?) and in a few minutes I will commence making dinner for my family. I may even clean a bathroom or two while listening to True Grit on Audible. After dinner and the kids are to bed, I have another block of writing scheduled.

I regret getting side-tracked these last two months; that’s time I won’t get back. But after feeding all my thirsts for creativity, fitness, music, plants, and family today, I feel reinvigorated by these amusements and even more focused on my original goal- to get this book written. I realize now the key, for me, is harmony.


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