Moving In Day

Well, I’ve moved. I think. OK, I’m still deciding between Blogger and WordPress, but I’m pretty sure I’ll retire my blog at Blogger and migrate it over here. After all, I’ve already paid WordPress $12 to use my own domain which I bought for a ridiculously low price this morning. (Although I can’t help but wonder why WP makes me pay to use something I’ve already bought.)

That’s the bad part about WordPress- any kind of customization above and beyond their basic Themes will cost you money. Even to change the default font of your posts. I’m not a big fan of that.

On the other hand, WordPress seems to offer a better community for writers, and more opportunities to connect, which I appreciate.

So I think I’ll drop my bags here and stay for a while. At least until I spot something better. (Tumblr I’ve got my eye on you…)

Either way, I’ve got my domain now, so whatever blogging tools I use to express myself, you can find me here at from now on.



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