For the Visual Writer

My non-talking bird appraises The Talking Bird from the StoryWorld Create-A-Story Kit. This kit is filled with beautifully illustrated cards that you can mix and match for inspiration.

I am a very visual person and love using pictures as story prompts, like the StoryWorld card in my photo. So where can a person go for truly stunning photo prompts?

I recently found Dragon Writing Prompts– a fun site that caters to fantasy and sci-fi writers, but also has tons of clever picture prompts pulled from the web with offbeat questions that really make you think. Tagged with the label “picture,” you can click on that label to isolate the picture prompts from the other posts. Check it out, there are some crazy pictures over there.

Then of course, there’s the uber-visual prompt smorgasbord known as Pinterest. Pinterest lets you “pin” photographs you find on the web to various boards that you create. For instance, here’s a board by reallyrachel dedicated to nothing but writing prompts (she’s even included a sentence or two beneath each shot to get you started.) You could create your own boards for villains, settings, potential murder weapons, anything really.

And if you enjoy pitting the fruits of your photo prompt sessions against other writers, check out the Bridge the Gap contest by Camera Obscura Journal. They post two unrelated photographs and offer $50 for the best short story that ties together the two images. Word limit is 1000 words. Winner receives a subscription to the journal and their story featured on the contest page. It’s incredibly challenging to do this well, and I haven’t found another journal-sponsored contest like it. Good luck!


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