Goal: To Build a Great Books Library

2016 brought some pretty dramatic changes for me, not the least of which was that I started home-schooling my 13 year old son. In doing research on homeschooling, I found several resources on classical education, including the book, The Well-Educated Mind, by Susan Wise Bauer. It’s a guide to giving yourself a great books education by reading a representative sample of fiction, non-fiction, history, drama, and poetry from all eras of human history.

In looking through Bauer’s lists, and others, I had the wonderfully exciting idea to build my own Great Books library inside my home. Because I can’t just do something simply; I always  have to turn it into a project.  So there is a sitting room off of the master bedroom that I currently use for sorting laundry. It has no furniture, no decor, and basically, no utility. I have piles of books leaning against the wall in cardboard boxes. It’s a complete waste of space. If I put in built-in bookshelves along the far wall, I could use them to store my great books as I acquired and read them. In the end, I would have 1) a beautiful bookshelf displaying 2) a world-class library in 3) a non-laundry-filled sitting room.

I think this is going to be my goal for 2016: A Great Books Library.